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See Frequently Asked Questions below.
  • Why do the rates vary across rental sites?  HomeAway, VRBO and AirBNB have different approaches to pricing and fees which might be reflected in the listed price.  Also, we sometimes offer promotions on a specific rental site for marketing purposes.

  • What is your cancellation policy?  Cancellation policy varies slightly based on the rental site you select.  Refunds outside of those policies are at our discretion.  We encourage those who may have to cancel their reservations to purchase trip insurance (for example Travel Guard).  Trip insurance is also recommended during winter due to unpredictable snow conditions.

  • We are really neat people; can we clean the place ourselves and skip the cleaning fee?  No.  We must insure that each guest has a wonderful vacation rental experience.  It's your vacation... wipe up, gather the linens, put away the dishes, but let someone else clean the place!  (Note: detailed departure cleaning instructions are included in the Rental Agreement. Printed instructions are also at the cabin for your convenience.)

  • Will you allow a pet?  Yes.  Our dog, Bodie, is willing to share his dog bowl with well-behaved guests.  Please discuss pets with us in advance.

  • Do I have to pay the Sales Tax? - Yes.  Some listings on vacation rental sites do not require this; however, we comply to the letter of the law and pay all required taxes.  These taxes help keep the area our area as nice as it is.

  • Is there air conditioning?  No.  The cabin is at 5,000 feet so the night air is generally cool.  The upstairs bedroom has a skylight and ceiling fan to help control the air flow.

  • Are there a washer and dryer for clothes?  Yes - with large load capacity and hypoallergenic settings.


  • Can we smoke in the cabin, on the deck, or with the windows open?​  No, the cabin is strictly non-smoking.  

  • Is there wireless or high speed internet access?  Yes, we have a business grade 4G router.  We provide basic WiFi access for email and browsing.  For data hungry guests, we charge per GB (to cover the high costs of data usage on our AT&T cellular plan!).  Ask for details.

  • Is there cable television?  No, although we are considering Dish Satellite if there is enough interest from our guests.

  • Are bed linens and towels included in the rental fee? Yes, our cabin has sheets and pillow covers for every bed - as well as bath towels, hand towels and face towels in the bathroom.

  • How much money is due when?  Our policy varies slightly based on the rental site that you select.  Generally speaking, 100% is due at the time of booking.  For unusually long stays or large amounts, we may be able to make alternate arrangements.​

  • Can you hold a place for me for a few days, a week or until I decide?  We do not, as a rule, hold dates.  For your convenience and security, we take online reservations (HomeAway, VRBO and AirBNB).

  • Can we have an early check-in and/or late departure?  It never hurts to ask - it just depends on the circumstances but we're flexible. 

  • You state a two day minimum; will you make an exception?  No.  It's simply not worth the cleaning fee and/or the coordination for a stay of one night.

  • The calendar shows available - so why isn't it?  It can be difficult to manage the availability calendar across the multiple rental sites we provide for your convenience.  We try our best - but apologize for any inconvenience in advance if you experience a discrepancy.

Our mission is simple: We strive for you to enjoy our family get-away as much as we do!  Please contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to book a stay.  There are also some answers to frequently asked questions in the section below.  Thank you for considering our Cabin!

​Best Wishes,

Tj and Siobhan